The Imperial Oolong • Organic • Northeast India Oolong Tea

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This oolong was one of the first teas to be picked in Arunachal Pradesh (Northeast India) in 2018. Giving an ethereal pumpkin-coloured brew, this semi-oxidized tea leaves a delicate, sweet, floral aftertaste on the palate of the connoisseur. This finish comes from the savoury, roasted flavour, which combines well with the burnt aroma of the leaves. These traits make this tea appropriate to pair with light snacks such as sea-salted crackers and nuts.

Picking Season: April 2018 (First Flush)
Grade: SFTGFOP1 (Leaf tea, Highest quality)
Origin: Donyi Polo Tea Estate, Northeast India (Single Estate)
Ingredients: Oolong tea. No additives. 
Caffeine: Medium
Health Benefits: Click here
Brewing Instructions: Refer to the 4th image of the product slideshow 
Our Chief Tea Sommelier's Tip: Have it iced
Ideal Time For Consumption: Anytime
Great Deal: Only INR 14 or USD 0.24 per cup!
Note: In 2017, we used to market the same tea as 'The Babylon Oolong'.

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