The Anniversary Gift: The Iced Tea Kit

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This tea kit, designed to be consumed chilled so that you can toast to with your partner, is the ideal anniversary gift for 2019. It combines healthy, flavourful teas with wonderful aromas and everlasting tastes. What a winning combination for your anniversary!

We have selected the 6 teas given below that cover all major tea-growing regions in India as well as all tastes, flavours, colours, and aromas that Indian tea spans.

  1. The Babylon Oolong
  2. The Emerald Masala
  3. The Everest Muscatel
  4. The Kangra Mist
  5. The Mighty Breakfast
  6. The Victorian Peak
25 gm per tea, i.e. 150 gm in total.
Each tea contains a card along with its packaging that contains brewing instructions.



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