Corporate or Wholesale

Not only do we deliver teas directly to consumers, but we also deliver directly to businesses and corporates. If you represent a business/corporate that would like to purchase tea, please have a look at this PDF of our catalog. Alternatively, you can also contact us.

We also offer personalised services such as co-packingcustom blending, private labelling, tea matching, etc. for our wholesale customers.

Co-packing: We produce teas in tins/caddies as well as tea bags that are co-branded with our customers' brands.

Private Labelling: We produce teas in tins/caddies as well as tea bags that are packed solely in our customers' brands.

Custom Blending: We create custom blends that are used by our customers to later blend with their own ingredients.

Tea Matching: We match our customers' existing products using teas from India and Nepal, and at a lower price than their original suppliers. As such, we add value to our customers in terms of their supply chain.




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