COVID-19 Precautions

    COVID-19 Precautions

    Chai & Mighty puts stringent safety measures in place to mitigate contamination and assure safety and health of employees and partners. We care for the safety and health of all our staff, delivery partners and customers.

    Ensuring safety at our facilities

    We have improved our Quality Management Systems and Policies and have contingency plans in place to ensure monitoring of employee health, social distancing of employees, adequate supply of personal protective equipment and hand sanitizers.

    Sanitiizing our facilities

    Every person entering the premises shall declare his/ her personal health status truthfully by filling an entry form.

    Employee attendance is tracked manually by Security personnel with no usage of biometric finger punch.

    Well maintained sanitizing kiosks across the facility and personal protective kits provided to all employees who are allowed to come to work.

    Body temperatures are checked regularly using a contactless thermometer to ensure employee’s health condition is at best.

    Managing Operations

    At present only 15% of our manpower is being utilized to ensure the safety of all and to be able to carry on operations

    We have also reduced unit operations which means that in place of three people handling a product through a process, we are using one handling point instead. This is to ensure that a product goes through minimum contact in a process.

    We have actively trained all our employees to stick to the norms of social distancing and ultimate hygiene. They shall use masks at all times while commuting and when at work. With marked areas of function at work, they shall maintain that and we are monitoring everyone’s activities through our supervisors.

    We have all issued guidelines that no employee shall attend work if his/her close contacts have shown symptoms of COVID-19. Or that the person has any chronic illness, is pregnant, or is older than 50 years. Also, an employee will not come to work if his/ her body temperature is above 37.30 ͦC and should promptly report it to health officials.

    Handling Delivery and Incoming Materials

    All incoming material is stored in a designated sanitized area and samples for QC inspection are collected after a mandatory cooling period (conditioning time) of 24 hrs.

    Our delivery partners have formed a Coronavirus Task Force to continuously adapt and mitigate all potential impacts. Orders will only be delivered to select locations based on the directives of the local authorities.



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