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    Does green tea help in reducing weight?

    It is well known that green tea is rich in antioxidants and other minerals that are beneficial for health. If you are overweight (for your height, etc.), it is possible this is a result of excess sugar in your diet. By consuming green tea regularly, you will likely be replacing this sugar intake with tea which contains no sugar (unless you add some) and is beneficial to your health. Thus, over the long-term, it should be effective in making your lifestyle healthier (and causing fat loss) provided that you don’t fill other parts of your diet with junk foods and other harmful substances. Tea in general is good for you and can be used to substitute sugary drinks/soda and curb...

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    What is the ideal time to drink tea?

    Tea is generally good for you (due to the presence of antioxidants and other beneficial minerals) and has the added advantage of being completely organic and sugar-free (zero fat or calories). This makes it a better beverage to consume than say Coke, Pepsi, Red bull, etc. which all contain sugar and calories (not to mention a high concentration of acidity which are bad for the teeth). Having tea after large meals can help with digestion and prevent the “after-meal hangover” or “food coma” due to the moderate levels of caffeine in the tea. Note: only high-quality loose leaf tea will give you all the beneficial nutrients from the tea (and be organic) — tea bags usually contain tea dust/extremely poor quality tea...

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    What is the difference between masala chai and chai tea?

    Given that our brand name is "Chai & Mighty", we thought we'd delve into the meaning "Chai" and clear up a common misconception. "Chai" simply means "Tea" in Hindi (the primary language spoken across North India and most popular vernacular in India in general). However, you will see many stores promoting "chai tea" instead of just "chai". This is because they are referring to "masala chai" and not just tea.  ‘Chai Tea’ is a cultural term that became popular in the USA. It is basically black tea with milk. ‘Masala Chai Tea’ is a subset of Chai Tea. It is Chai Tea mixed with spices that give the mix a ‘masala’ flavour. Some of our finest examples of the above...

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    Introducing Chai & Mighty

    Happy New Year!  Currently, premium teas from the Darjeeling region of India are primarily sold to traders/wholesalers who then go on to sell these teas at inflated prices to other dealers/retailers. Most of India's finest teas are exported and sold to consumers for between ~$3 – $5 a cup at luxury hotels, cafes, and restaurants.  Chai & Mighty wants to bring these teas, fresh from the estates to your doorstep. The idea is simple: to deliver the finest teas at prices unmatched in value.  We believe there are several inconveniences or "obstacles" with regard to the purchasing of tea that Chai & Mighty helps you "get around" Opacity of prices (before the tea reaches you, it's been with a producer, trader, distributor, and retailer; all of whom have...

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