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    What makes the ABSOLUTELY BEST iced tea?

    Most iced teas are usually "mass-market" brands such as Lipton. Some of the best iced tea powder is sold by Lipton (especially the peach flavour). Understand though that this is a generic powder mix and not really “tea” but really just sugar and a bunch of other “sweeteners” and preservatives. We at Chai & Mighty will address how to make the best and freshest iced teas: For the best iced tea, our highly recommend purchasing some high quality loose leaf tea — either black tea, white tea or oolong tea. From there, I would steep the tea leaves based upon the brewing time given in hot water until it is brewed. I would remove the tea strainer (assuming you are...

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    Does green tea cause hairfall?

    TL;DR: No, green tea does not cause hair fall. Unless you are consuming something like 12+ cups of green tea a day, there should not be a physical effect as detrimental as hair fall as a result. On the contrary, green tea is known for its various health benefits due to the presence of antioxidants and other minerals. However, too much of anything is a bad thing and drinking excessive amounts of green tea could result in adverse side effects (whether hair fall is one of these effects is probably dependent on the person although I have never heard of anyone suffering from this). In short, there may be extreme, extenuating circumstances when green tea can cause hair fall (<1%...

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    Does Chai tea contain any cinnamon?

    No, not always. Chai actually refers to just “tea” in India. We presume by “chai tea” people are referring to masala chai which is usually black tea with milk and some added spices. These spices can include cinnamon but it is not always the case (or common). Pictured: Masala chai (Google image search)

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    What is the difference between green tea and herbal tea?

    Green tea is a type of tea, derived from the plant “Camelia Sinensus”. The other types of teas are: Black tea, Oolong tea, and White tea. A mainstream variant of black tea in India is “masala chai” translating to “spiced tea” in English. Many teas are blends of two or more types of teas given above. Herbal teas are really just “infusions” of any herb: flower, fruit, plant (that is not Camelia Sinensus), spices, etc. infused or steeped in water to produce a “tea” like beverage. Herbal teas may be aesthetically similar to teas and even contain similar taste profiles but will usually lack the nutrients and minerals present in tea. Some popular herbal teas include: Hibiscus tea Ginger tea...

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    How is tea graded? Why is one tea considered "more premium" than another?

    Tea can be "graded" using a combination of factors. For the regular tea drinker, these are some of the things you can look at:  Form the tea is sold in: Teabags (which is basically tea packed in bags) Generic “flat” teabags: These usually contain the lowest-quality of teas (tea dust, CTC, etc.) and are sold by mass-market tea brands Pyramid i.e. “larger, triangle-shaped” teabags: These contain teas of better quality than “flat” teabags and can sometimes even contain whole leaf tea, but can never contain the truly outstanding whole leaf teas (because the whole leaves don't fit into these bags). These are sold by some higher end mass-market tea brands Loose Leaf Tea (which is teas that are not packed...

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