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    What is better, green tea dip bags or leaves of green tea?

    Loose Leaf Tea is almost always better for ALL kinds of tea — teabags usually contain low-grades of tea that are neither as flavorful, nor as beneficial in terms of nutrients and thereby health, etc. Particularly with Green Tea, some of the best/most expensive variants in the world come from Darjeeling, West Bengal, India. Very rarely will such high-quality green tea be packaged in tea bags for consumption. I have personally found the green teas packaged by Twinnings, Fortnum & Mason, etc. to be of far lower/inferior quality than some boutique offerings provided by tea-estates among other sellers such as Chai & Mighty, Teavana (which is now losing its lustre because of Starbucks), etc. Lastly, if you do plan to...

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    Is green tea used for ADHD treatment?

    TL;DR: No, it is not used for ADHD treatment. Read below for a more detailed response. Green tea, while considered immensely beneficial to health due to the presence of antioxidants and other minerals is not used (scientifically speaking) for the treatment of any ailment. Please do not force a person with ADHD to consume green tea for the purpose of “curing” or “helping” them. Green tea is also primarily helpful for physical health and living, not mental or neurological disorders.

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    What are the health benefits of having a banana and green tea for breakfast?

    We hope you’re not implying that there is some secret benefit associated with having Bananas alongside Green Tea. If you are, let us be the first to dispel that notion for you. Green tea and bananas are individually healthy and can be consumed at breakfast (since both bananas and teas are associated as “healthy” and a “breakfast” food). Green tea has numerous health benefits that have been detailed extensively (lots of great Antioxidants + organic compounds, improves metabolic activity, etc.) and we highly recommend brewing it using some high-quality loose leaves. As any tea lover knows, teabags depress the taste, consistency and body of green teas the most and there is a world of a difference between the brew of...

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    How do you mix vodka with white tea?

    If you fancy trying to create a Vodka-Iced Tea (maybe name it a “Volgograd Iced Tea”). If so, there would be a couple of ways (and for some reason, we have a crazy notion it would work): Brew the white tea and add the vodka directly and stir (given the quality of white tea, I would use on Belvedere Vodka , Grey Goose Vodka or Purity Vodka) Add the white tea leaves to a bowl and add the vodka to it and let it “simmer” in their. High-quality loose leaves will absorb some of it and if you really want to “seal” the flavour, use a muslin cloth to cover the bowl and put it out in the sun. The...

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    Does slimming tea help with weight loss?

    The term “slimming tea” suggests that it helps with weight loss. However, “slimming tea” is clearly a marketing gimmick and not an actual variant of tea in any form. Presumably the seller of has created a tea blend (green tea, white tea, etc.) which is being marketed as a “slimming tea”. We would be cautious when purchasing a tea of this nature. Green tea and white tea are both the healthier teas in the tea world. It should be noted that tea in general is healthy (much like any beverage that isn’t soda or full of sugar). If you plan to follow a healthier lifestyle which includes substituting sugary drinks/soda in your diet with tea, you should lose weight (that...

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