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    Chai Time Snack Ideas to Try Right Now

    Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/A23t9cwr-o8 Chai-time is the perfect time for the whole family to gather, have a chit-chat while craving some yummy snacks!  A cup of masala chai and snacks are a great combination to start a day. The snacks accompanied with tea keeps the stomach full till supper or dinner.  There are some days, when you’re running late and don’t have enough time to prepare tasty snacks, then you can easily go with Khari biscuits or other savouries. Nonetheless, we have come to rescue you from the repetitive snacks, by bringing 2 recipes, which will give you an escape from mundane breakfast.  #1. Paneer Pakora It’s an easy snack, with a crispy texture on the outside. It just needs a few...

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    Is it good to drink green tea flavour with honey and lemon for weight loss?

    Tea is a great drink to consume if you want to lose weight. However, it must be supplemented by a healthy lifestyle. Green tea (or any tea for that matter) with it’s composition of antioxidants and other minerals is considered very good for health (you can see its health benefits here. Calorie-Free: It has 0 calories and is therefore healthier than every other beverage that is not calorie-free, such as coffee, soda, etc. 3500 calories is roughly equal to 1 lb of weight. Therefore, for every 100 calorie cup of coffee that you consume, had you consumed a cup of green tea instead, you would have saved 100 calories. In 35 days, you will save 3500 calories, which means you will have lost...

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    Can you drink black tea on empty stomach?

    Yes, you can drink black tea on an empty stomach. However, it may cause acidity -- although this greatly depends on the type and quality of the tea. Typically, it is better to consume tea after meals and snacks as this will help in digestion and activate your metabolism to break down the food. Tea is generally good for health. Consuming black tea can result in healthier living provided it replaces other sugary drinks in your diet. This will result in a reduction in the amount of sugar and calories in your daily intake which will result in a healthier body mass index in the long term (depending on your age, build, health condition, etc.). Green tea has been shown...

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    Should You Drink Tea After Eating Fruits?

    Drinking tea after eating fruits can be dependent on the type of fruit you eat (more so than the tea you choose to drink). For instance, some fruits are extremely high in citric acid and therefore drinking an acidic tea may cause you to have too much acidity in your system. However, for most fruits, a cup of white tea, oolong tea or black tea is a perfectly acceptable pairing and can certainly be consumed after eating the fruit.

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    Can I take tea after eating fish?

    Fish is an integral part of the diet of many Asian countries/regions that are also some of the highest per-capita consumers of tea. White tea has been considered the best pairing with fish as it is the least processed tea with the most subtle flavours that will not overpower the taste of the fish.  Given that fish is relatively expensive (if fresh, being consumed at a restaurant), one will usually pair it with a freshly brewed tea (brewed using premium loose leaf tea and not teabags!) in order to truly enjoy the experience. In my opinion, the following teas would best enhance the flavour profile of most seafood: The White Kanchenjunga The Presidential Masala Cheers, Aditya Chirimar (Founder) 

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