What is the difference between masala chai and chai tea?

Given that our brand name is "Chai & Mighty", we thought we'd delve into the meaning "Chai" and clear up a common misconception. "Chai" simply means "Tea" in Hindi (the primary language spoken across North India and most popular vernacular in India in general). However, you will see many stores promoting "chai tea" instead of just "chai". This is because they are referring to "masala chai" and not just tea. 

Chai Tea’ is a cultural term that became popular in the USA. It is basically black tea with milk. ‘Masala Chai Tea’ is a subset of Chai Tea. It is Chai Tea mixed with spices that give the mix a ‘masala’ flavour.

Some of our finest examples of the above are given here:

Masala Chai Teas:

  1. The Masala Black Jack: India has a lifelong connection with the United Kingdom. The British brought tea to our country. As an ode to their efforts, our tea maestros created this blend of India’s signature spices and Darjeeling’s signature black tea. After all, Darjeeling tea is a British discovery.
  2. The Mighty Masala: This classic Indian milk tea, touched up with the India's favourite spices, takes you on an unforgettable, savory tea journey.
  3. The Bombay Masala: The Bombay Masala, a throwback to the famous pizza at Pizza by the Bay in Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) is a rich, decadent chai. It can be enjoyed with selection of white and truffle chocolates.

Chai Teas, i.e. Black Teas that pair excellently with milk:

  1. The Bold Assam Gold: A bold, full-bodied tea from the famous tea growing region of Assam, this tea encompasses all that the region has become known for. A deep ruby-red color when brewed, it can be enjoyed early in the day as an accompaniment to a full English or Continental breakfast.
  2. The Mighty Breakfast: Start your day with this strong breakfast blend, which is “mightier” than a regular English Breakfast.

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