Let's take a look at some of the World's Rarest Teas

Did you know that some of the rarest teas in the world, sourced from the finest tea plantations are in lots as small as 2–5 kilograms (for context, tea gardens can produce between 100,000kgs – 5 million kgs of tea in a year)?

For Rs. 2000, you could enjoy a very rare and delightful tea that only a few other people in the world have access to. That is what we at Chai & Mighty want to bring to tea lovers all over the world. 


Did we mention that there are also few gifts as unique and well-thought as a rare and premium, loose leaf tea from the finest tea plantations around the world? 

As part of our Grand Classé program, should you want it, we will also ship you cards detailing the reasons for its rarity, the production details of the tea, the lot number (3/20, etc.), the picking date, as well as the potential to age the tea. Most such teas can be brewed multiple times so even if you purchase 50 grams of the tea, you could possibly enjoy up to a 100 cups of tea!

Some of the teas you should check out if you truly want something unique that no one else can get:

a. The Bold Assam Gold: A bold, full-bodied tea from the famous tea growing region of Assam, this tea encompasses all that the region has become known for. A deep ruby-red color when brewed, it can be enjoyed early in the day as an accompaniment to a full English or Continental breakfast.

b. The Empire Oolong: One of our rarest teas, this is the first picking of the season in Darjeeling's oldest tea estate, this oolong tea is truly remarkable for its flavour and aroma. It is a light, fragrant and succulent tea full of floral-fruity notes. Its bouquet aroma, a result of light oxidation and minimal curling and twisting of leaves, makes you feel like you are consuming one of Arabia's finest perfumes.

c. The Silver Moonlight: The finest white tea of Darjeeling, plucked at night in bright moonlight, this rare tea has silvery leaves, similar to the snow-laden peaks of the Himalayas. These leaves yield a light, bright brew with a soft undertones and the value of this tea cannot be overstated.

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