Is it good to drink green tea flavour with honey and lemon for weight loss?

Tea is a great drink to consume if you want to lose weight. However, it must be supplemented by a healthy lifestyle.

Green tea (or any tea for that matter) with it’s composition of antioxidants and other minerals is considered very good for health (you can see its health benefits here.

Calorie-Free: It has 0 calories and is therefore healthier than every other beverage that is not calorie-free, such as coffee, soda, etc. 3500 calories is roughly equal to 1 lb of weight. Therefore, for every 100 calorie cup of coffee that you consume, had you consumed a cup of green tea instead, you would have saved 100 calories. In 35 days, you will save 3500 calories, which means you will have lost 1 lb of weight in 35 days by making just this one replacement (all other variables kept the same). However, if you had lemon and honey, your drink is not calorie-free anymore.

It Fills You Up: Consuming green tea can “fill you up” and as such you’re less likely to consume foods that increase your calorie/sugar intake.

Note: The teas given below are ideal for weight loss.


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Suggested Teas


  • Shomi Goswami

    Good idea. Thanks for recommending.

  • Shomi Goswami

    Good idea. Thanks for recommending.

  • Andy Robertson

    I have the Queen of Greens 3 times a day and each time it fills me up to the “brim”. This helps me to consume less calories than otherwise, and so I am slimming down :)

  • Ratan Karmakar

    Interesting post. I will try your trick out for a week.

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