How do you mix vodka with white tea?

If you fancy trying to create a Vodka-Iced Tea (maybe name it a “Volgograd Iced Tea”). If so, there would be a couple of ways (and for some reason, we have a crazy notion it would work):

  • Brew the white tea and add the vodka directly and stir (given the quality of white tea, I would use on Belvedere Vodka , Grey Goose Vodka or Purity Vodka)
  • Add the white tea leaves to a bowl and add the vodka to it and let it “simmer” in their. High-quality loose leaves will absorb some of it and if you really want to “seal” the flavour, use a muslin cloth to cover the bowl and put it out in the sun. The evaporation and condensation effects inside the bowl (covered by the cloth) should work wonders.
    • “Cold-brew” the tea leaves by adding them to a jug of distilled water and placing the jug inside a refrigerator for 4–6 hours.
    • Flavour with additional condiments as necessary (you could have also used flavoured vodka for this).

You could use one of our finest white teas for this:

The Silver Moonlight: The finest white tea of Darjeeling, plucked at night in bright moonlight, this rare tea has silvery leaves, similar to the snow-laden peaks of the Himalayas. These leaves yield a light, bright brew with a soft undertones and the value of this tea cannot be overstated.

Note: always use high quality loose leaf tea when brewing your white tea for the best experience!

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