The Warhol Starter Kit

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This starter kit is a set of the finest loose leaf teas designed to produce a vivid and colourful display of tea brews. With a pale yellow hue for The White Kanchenjunga (our signature white tea) to the bold ruby-red waters of The Mighty Masala, this collection is a wonderful gift for friends and family alike.

Our starter kits are designed to introduce tea lovers to the special facets of our brand. This kit, a tribute to Andy Warhol (known for his use of bright and vivid colours), covers 3 chais and 3 straight teas (green, oolong, and white).

  1. The Bombay Masala
  2. The Presidential Masala
  3. The Mighty Masala
  4. The Lean Green
  5. The Lifelong Oolong
  6. The White Kanchenjunga



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