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    About Best Nilgiri Tea in India from Chai & Mighty

    Nilgiri tea is tea grown in the  Nilgiri Mountains (Tamil Nadu) in India. Nilgiri tea is South India's most consumed tea.

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    With Chai & Mighty, shopping for  Nilgiri tea from India is easy because you make an informed purchase and you know exactly where your tea is coming from. Every batch of Nilgiri tea we procure is put up on our online tea store along with its date of plucking/picking, specialty, tea grade and source plantation. And so, every time you sip one of our sommelier-curated teas, you are in the company of the best Nilgiri tea in India.

    Types of Nilgiri Tea

    Several varieties of Nilgiri tea exist. Depending on the season of production, Nilgiri tea can be first flush (spring), second flush (summer), third flush (rainy) and fourth flush (autumn). Depending on the processing technique, Nilgiri tea can be black, green, oolong or white.

    Benefits of Nilgiri Tea

    These teas are filled with antioxidants, catechins and polyphenols that:
    1. Promote weight loss.
    2. Reduce the risk of heart diseases, cancer (ovarian and skin), diabetes, Parkinson's, Alzeihmer's, eczema, high blood pressure and hair fall.
    3. Build immunity.
    4. Lower cholesterol.
    5. Relieve asthma, stress and diarrhea.
    6. Improve oral health and mental alertnes


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