Nilgiri Teas

The Nilgiri district lies in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The Nilgiris (also called the 'blue mountains') are part of the Western Ghats that run along the western coast of the Indian peninsula. It gets its name from the saxe-blue kurinji (Strobilanthes) flowers that bloom here every 12 years. Famous for the wildlife and flora seen here, it’s other claim to fame is it’s tea.

Nilgiri tea is better known to some as the ‘third cousin’ in terms of popularity, coming behind Assam and Darjeeling. But increasingly, these teas are finding their audience. And among them are Americans who find in the Nilgiri tea, a perfect balance of colour, strength and astringency to meet the requirements of each and every tea drinker, be it a tea connoisseur or novice.



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