The Windsor Masala • Organic • Chai Tea

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The chai tea yields an orange brew with an appetising, savoury punch that adds a unique character to the bold, vegetal flavour. Lets just say that you will be able to feel the spice in your life increase with every sip that you take of this chai.

Picking Season: March 2018 (First Flush)
Grade: SFTGFOP1 (Leaf tea, Highest quality)
Origin: Wah Tea Estate, Kangra Valley (Single Estate)
Ingredients: Green tea, Black tea, Spices (blend). No additives.
Caffeine: Medium
Health Benefits: Click here
Brewing Instructions: Refer to the 4th image of the product slideshow 
Our Chief Tea Sommelier's Tip: Have it iced
Ideal Time For Consumption: Morning



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