Flavoured Teas

    What is Flavoured Tea? | Flavoured Tea India

    Flavoured tea is tea blended with at least one flavour. The flavour could be any combination of fruits, flowers, vegetables, essential oils, etc. Consider the following examples: If you add spices to tea, the result is flavoured tea (spiced tea). If you add citrus fruits to tea, the result is flavoured tea (fruit tea). You could also add unique combinations of fruits, flowers, oils, etc. to teas (or a blend of teas) to create your own signature blends.

    Where to Buy Best Flavoured Tea Online in India?

    The one stop answer to the question “Where to buy best flavoured tea online” is Chai & Mighty. With Chai & Mighty, shopping for flavoured tea from India is easy because you make an informed purchase and you know exactly where your tea is coming from. Every batch of flavoured tea we procure is put up on our online tea store along with its date of plucking/picking, specialty, tea grade and source plantation. And so, every time you sip one of our sommelier-curated teas, you are in the company of the best flavoured tea in India.

    Buy flavoured tea bags and loose tea leaves online

    Flavoured tea can be bulk packaged or sold as flavoured tea bags or flavoured tea leaves. Flavoured tea bags are preferred for their convenience (as their brewing time is 1-2 minutes). The flavour compounds in such teas are volatiles and are lost if the tea is brewed for too long. Technological intervention in the form of tea bags with flavour granules and flakes provides extended flavour release when the tea comes in contact with water and provides a superior product. Most of the flavoured teas are brewed in water and not milk, except for spice/masala tea which needs longer brewing and goes well with milk. 

    However, flavoured teas that are packed as loose leaf teas are actually far higher in quality and are more authentic, as the material with which the tea bag is made does not affect the taste while steeping. 

    Along with flavoured tea bags, you can buy green tea bag, black tea bag, White tea bag, Masala chai bag, Oolong tea bag.

    Types of Tea Flavors | Flavours of Tea

    Different types of flavoured tea can vary widely in flavour, as the flavours used control the taste of the flavoured tea. As an example, if you added a citrus flavour to a tea, it will have a citrus taste. Similarly, if you add a hibiscus flavour, it will have a floral taste. We at Chai & Mighty you’ll find a huge flavours of tea. Our best selling flavoured tea online are - Chocolate Flavour Tea, Nutty Flavour Tea and Rose Tea. Buy flavoured tea online now and replace it with your old boring tea.

    Flavoured Tea Benefits

    These teas are filled with antioxidants, catechins and polyphenols that:
    1. Promote weight loss.
    2. Reduce the risk of heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, eczema and hair fall.
    3. Build immunity.

    Furthermore, the benefits of the flavours added further dictate the overall benefits of the flavoured tea.



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