Darjeeling Masala Chai Tea (Organic) • The Presidential Masala


    This Darjeeling Chai Tea, a blend of white tea and spices, wakes you up with its subtly spiced, vegetal and pepper flavour that leaves a cool, sweet and fresh aftertaste.

    Origin and Ingredients

    Picking Season: March 2023 (First Flush)

    Grade: FTGFOP1

    Origin: Castleton Tea Estate, Darjeeling, India (Single Estate)

    Ingredients: White tea, Ginger, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Licorice, Peppermint. No other additives.

    Caffeine: Low


    Castleton Tea Estate in Spring


    Castleton Tea Estate in Summer

    How to Steep

    In Hot Water: Steep 1 tsp of leaves per 150 ml cup for 3-4 mins in boiling water to make the 1st cup. Steep the leftover leaves from the 1st cup for 6-8 mins in boiling water to make the 2nd cup. 


    Iced: Refrigerate the 1st cup prepared above for 30 mins, and then add ice to taste.


    Condiments: Add a sweetener to taste.

    Health Benefits

    This tea is filled with antioxidants, catechins and polyphenols that:


    1. Reduce stress.
    2. Promote weight loss.
    3. Reduce the risk of heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, kidney diseases, eczema, hair fall, hepatitis and depression.
    4. Build immunity.
    5. Improve memory and act as anti-ageing agents.
    6. Aid the treatment of acne.

    Tea-Food Pairing

    This tea pairs well with:


    • Milk or white chocolate
    • Light desserts that are less sweet
    • Lightly creamy cheeses
    • Fruit salads
    • Lightly seasoned fish
    • Basmati rice
    • Avocado
    • Any food with flavours of lemongrass, saffron, apple, apricot, tomato, cashews, anchovies.
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