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What is a tea infuser used for?

A Tea Infuser is used to make tea using Loose leaves i.e. brewing tea by taking a specific amount (~4g for 2 people, 8g for 4) of loose leaf tea and putting it inside the infuser. The infuser is then dropped into a cup or a teapot for the amount of time needed for the tea to brew (depending on the tea, from 2 – 5 minutes). When the tea has been brewed, the infuser with the remains of leaves is removed from the brewing vessel so the tea may be poured/enjoyed. A “ball” tea infuser: An infuser that is included as part of the tea pot itself: There are several variants of infusers as they can come in many...

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Can you take Earl Grey tea with milk and honey?

Yes, you can take Earl Grey tea with milk and honey. We would advise you to have the milk (warm) in the cup and pour the tea over using a strainer (provided you’ve used loose leaf tea to brew in a teapot). Ideally after you’ve poured the tea, you can add upto a tablespoon (tb) of honey (although we usually take about 1/3 tb of honey to not end up with an overly sweet tea). Earl Grey tea is most often paired with lemon while milk and honey are usually paired/added to an English Breakfast. Just making this point in case you’re mixing the two up (they are both blends of black teas). [Picture of an Earl Grey tea before...

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How can you make lemon tea?

In this post, the C&M team breaks down how to make your very own, fresh lemon tea (whether you want it warm or iced): The best way to make lemon tea is to take some high quality loose leaf black tea (oolong tea and white tea can also work well) and brew as per the instructions provided. Now lemon tea can refer to: Tea with lemon added as a “condiment”: Lemon juice is most often added to an Earl Grey tea and can be added to black teas, oolong teas and white teas. Lemon tea that is “iced”: In this case the tea is brewed after which slices of lemon are added to the jug of brewed tea. This jug...

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What makes the ABSOLUTELY BEST iced tea?

Most iced teas are usually "mass-market" brands such as Lipton. Some of the best iced tea powder is sold by Lipton (especially the peach flavour). Understand though that this is a generic powder mix and not really “tea” but really just sugar and a bunch of other “sweeteners” and preservatives. We at Chai & Mighty will address how to make the best and freshest iced teas: For the best iced tea, our highly recommend purchasing some high quality loose leaf tea — either black tea, white tea or oolong tea. From there, I would steep the tea leaves based upon the brewing time given in hot water until it is brewed. I would remove the tea strainer (assuming you are...

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Does green tea cause hairfall?

TL;DR: No, green tea does not cause hair fall. Unless you are consuming something like 12+ cups of green tea a day, there should not be a physical effect as detrimental as hair fall as a result. On the contrary, green tea is known for its various health benefits due to the presence of antioxidants and other minerals. However, too much of anything is a bad thing and drinking excessive amounts of green tea could result in adverse side effects (whether hair fall is one of these effects is probably dependent on the person although I have never heard of anyone suffering from this). In short, there may be extreme, extenuating circumstances when green tea can cause hair fall (<1%...

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