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Can you add lemon juice to green tea?

It is fine to add fresh lemon juice to green tea. However, it just means the green tea you are drinking is of very poor quality. If you’re having trouble finding a green tea, look no further than what we consider is the finest green tea (especially for people who enjoy a bit of added flavour) in the world: The Emerald Masala (Organic) We absolutely guarantee you won’t find a better green tea than this one anywhere in the world. 

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Let's take a look at some of the World's Rarest Teas

Did you know that some of the rarest teas in the world, sourced from the finest tea plantations are in lots as small as 2–5 kilograms (for context, tea gardens can produce between 100,000kgs – 5 million kgs of tea in a year)? For Rs. 2000, you could enjoy a very rare and delightful tea that only a few other people in the world have access to. That is what we at Chai & Mighty want to bring to tea lovers all over the world.    Did we mention that there are also few gifts as unique and well-thought as a rare and premium, loose leaf tea from the finest tea plantations around the world?  As part of our Grand Classé program, should you...

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Is Earl Grey a brand or type of tea?

The Earl Grey is a type of black tea with the addition of bergamot oil (the oil from the fruit which a relative of an orange). Earl Grey tea is very common in England where it is common to have it with some lemon for additional tartness and flavour. It can be had with or without the addition of milk and is one of the very common types of tea prevalent around the world, similar to The English Breakfast. Our famous Earl Grey can be found here: The Earl's Pearl (Organic)

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The Chai & Mighty List of Famous Darjeeling Tea Estates

And what they're famous for. Please note, this list is not exhaustive and continuously updated. If we have missed a particular estate, shoot us an email at contact@chaiandmighty.com! Castleton Tea Estate Glenburn Tea Estate Jungpana Tea Estate Lopchu Tea Estate Makaibari Tea Estate Singtom Tea Estate Teesta Valley Tea Estate We are not including each and every estate but if you are interested in all of them, please see: http://teaboard.gov.in/pdf/DarjeelingTeaProducers.pdf

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Which kind of tea should we drink if we want to mix it with milk?

The most common and my favourite type of tea with milk is what we call a “masala chai”. This is usually a black tea from India with spices that results in a spiced latte like drink which is delicious to the palate. Other teas that one often adds milk to include: The Earl Grey and The English Breakfast. For some great teas to have with milk, check out the following: The Mighty Masala: The Mighty Breakfast:

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