What is the ideal time to drink tea?

Tea is generally good for you (due to the presence of antioxidants and other beneficial minerals) and has the added advantage of being completely organic and sugar-free (zero fat or calories). This makes it a better beverage to consume than say Coke, Pepsi, Red bull, etc. which all contain sugar and calories (not to mention a high concentration of acidity which are bad for the teeth). Having tea after large meals can help with digestion and prevent the “after-meal hangover” or “food coma” due to the moderate levels of caffeine in the tea.

Note: only high-quality loose leaf tea will give you all the beneficial nutrients from the tea (and be organic) — tea bags usually contain tea dust/extremely poor quality tea which should be avoided at all costs.

If you want to become a regular drinker of tea as a matter of course, a good schedule to follow is:

7:00–9:00am — Black tea including Chai Tea [with breakfast]

2:00–3:00pm — Oolong tea [can be an accompaniment to lunch]

5:00–8:00pm — White tea [with high tea or light supper]

9:30–11:30pm — Green tea [1 hour before going to bed]

The ranges are given for people’s sleep/lunch/work schedules — there is no hard and fast rule regarding the consumption of tea. Similarly, you can easily substitute the Oolong and White teas with Green tea (although I enjoy the variety of flavours and depth of different teas) in the afternoon or at supper time.

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