What is better, green tea dip bags or leaves of green tea?

Loose Leaf Tea is almost always better for ALL kinds of tea — teabags usually contain low-grades of tea that are neither as flavorful, nor as beneficial in terms of nutrients and thereby health, etc.

Particularly with Green Tea, some of the best/most expensive variants in the world come from Darjeeling, West Bengal, India. Very rarely will such high-quality green tea be packaged in tea bags for consumption. I have personally found the green teas packaged by Twinnings, Fortnum & Mason, etc. to be of far lower/inferior quality than some boutique offerings provided by tea-estates among other sellers such as Chai & Mighty, Teavana (which is now losing its lustre because of Starbucks), etc.

Lastly, if you do plan to use loose-leaves, be sure not to over-brew the tea — this results in a bitter flavor which is not representative of the tea and can be quite displeasing to the palate. A good glass teapot with a removal infuser usually does the trick here.

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