What are the health benefits of having a banana and green tea for breakfast?

We hope you’re not implying that there is some secret benefit associated with having Bananas alongside Green Tea. If you are, let us be the first to dispel that notion for you.

Green tea and bananas are individually healthy and can be consumed at breakfast (since both bananas and teas are associated as “healthy” and a “breakfast” food). Green tea has numerous health benefits that have been detailed extensively (lots of great Antioxidants + organic compounds, improves metabolic activity, etc.) and we highly recommend brewing it using some high-quality loose leaves. As any tea lover knows, teabags depress the taste, consistency and body of green teas the most and there is a world of a difference between the brew of great loose-leaf green tea and your garden variety Twinnings/Dilmah tea bag.

One of our favorites (and a plug!): The Queen of Greens is a fantastic green tea from the lush hills of Darjeeling.

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