Does slimming tea help with weight loss?

The term “slimming tea” suggests that it helps with weight loss. However, “slimming tea” is clearly a marketing gimmick and not an actual variant of tea in any form. Presumably the seller of has created a tea blend (green tea, white tea, etc.) which is being marketed as a “slimming tea”. We would be cautious when purchasing a tea of this nature.

Green tea and white tea are both the healthier teas in the tea world. It should be noted that tea in general is healthy (much like any beverage that isn’t soda or full of sugar). If you plan to follow a healthier lifestyle which includes substituting sugary drinks/soda in your diet with tea, you should lose weight (that is if you’re overweight to begin with). This will not happen quickly (you are changing your diet, not buying some infomercial product that promises drastic size reduction in 30 days) but it will lead to healthier living in the future.

If you plan to drink tea regularly as a means of acquiring a healthier lifestyle, you should consider green or white teas from our Grand Classé collections:

The Queen of Greens: A soothing, relaxing but powerful tea from the oldest tea estate in Darjeeling, this green tea combines a floral bouquet taste with a flourishing vegetal finish. You will also experience mild notes of fruit on the first and stronger brews.

The Silver Moonlight: The finest white tea of Darjeeling, plucked at night in bright moonlight, this rare tea has silvery leaves, similar to the snow-laden peaks of the Himalayas. These leaves yield a light, bright brew with a soft undertones and the value of this tea cannot be overstated.

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