Does green tea contain caffeine?

Usually, all loose tea leaves contain caffeine. However, the caffeine content that is consumed by the person sipping the tea depends on brewing time and the duration for which the loose tea leaves are oxidized. Therefore, different teas have different amounts of caffeine.

Green tea usually contains between 8 – 30 mg of caffeine per cup (lower than most other types of teas such as Black Tea and Oolong Tea.

If you’re looking for some great Green Tea, check out:

The Kangra Mist: Plucked on a misty morning in the Kangra Valley in North India, this tea drew top compliments from our tea experts. It has a dark yellow colour, flourishing vegetal and grassy notes, a sweet after-taste and a refined tone on the palate.

The Queen of Greens: A soothing, relaxing but powerful tea from the oldest tea estate in Darjeeling, this green tea combines a floral bouquet taste with a flourishing vegetal finish. You will also experience mild notes of fruit on the first and stronger brews.

For reference, see:

Beverage Approximate Caffeine Content (in mg)

Black Tea 40–100 (between 60–100% of coffee)

Oolong Tea 9-50

Green Tea 8–30

White Tea 6–20

*Assumption: 5 oz./100 ml of water is used per brew

** Range of values indicates that different teas, of the same type, show different levels of caffeine. This indicates that region, quality, brewing and other factors also affect the caffeine level in tea.

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